Hey guys, sorry I haven’t posted in a while and I still haven’t done a hair tutorial… I know I suck.. I have honestly just been so busy with school, finding a new job, the wedding, blah blah… But Cameron is having a wrestling party to celebrate the end of the season this weekend so I promise I’ll have a bunch of fun pictures to post afterwards and hopefully a tutorial! It’s surprisingly just really hard to find time to film because I usually do my hair so quickly or just don’t do anything to it all since it’s naturally straight. Well anyways, sorry again of the boring post and I look forward to posting a super fun one soon!



Hello everyone !

This week I made a few super yummy, pretty healthy dinners that didn’t require very much work or time so I wanted to share them with you guys. I don’t have any nutritional facts though because I personally don’t count my calories, I just try and eat healthy with the occasional cheat meal (:

This took me about 5 minutes and it was soon good! The ingredients I used are in the picture below besides two large brown eggs. All I did was sauté the tomatoes for about a minute until they were hot and then added the whisked eggs and seasoning. I scrambled the eggs, seasoning, and tomatoes together until the eggs were fully cooked. The rice and quinoa mix is microwavable so I just took it out and put the eggs mix over top and just mixed everything up with little bit of hot sauce. It was seriously so easy and so good!
Enchilada Chicken Nachos! Like holy crap it was amazing!! I know it doesn’t sound healthy but they honestly are not terrible for you.. I used two chicken breasts and put them in the crook pot with one small can of red enchilada sauce, half a can of rinsed and drained black beans, and half a can of mexicorn. I cooked it on low all day so for probably about 7 hours. Once I got home I just took a fork and stirred everything around and pulled at the chicken slightly and it just shredded itself. I also made a sour cream substitute which is that bowl of green cream. I used two individual sized plain nonfat greek yogurt, one large avocado, fresh cilantro, about 1 tbsp of chopped garlic, and lime juice and blended it all up to make the cream. You can add as little or as much cilantro and lime juice as you like; I didn’t really measure it out I just kept tasting it until I liked the final product. That probably took me about 5 minutes to make and I just kept it in the fridge all day until I got home. I also still have some left and it’s been two days and tastes just as good as when I first made it! Okay now onto the fun part, THE NACHOS! I used gluten-free blue corn tortilla chips (you can use any kind of chips though), I covered them with shredded sharp cheddar cheese and broiled them in the oven for about 1 minute. Next I topped it with the chicken mix from the crockpot, some salsa, some chopped green onions, and of course more cheese and put that back in the oven until the cheese was nice and melted. This was seriously amazing and it didn’t take long at all because i let the crock pot do all the hard work. If you were to cook the chicken on the stove or oven and shred it yourself, that would take way longer but you can do it either way! Feel free to add any toppings that you like and please let me know how they turn out if you try them!!
The ingredients for the first dish! I got the tomatoes and brown rice and quinoa from Costco.
This was a baller desert I made that we ate with ice cream but thats obviously optional! All I did was heat up some coconut oil on a skillet and sliced two bananas and cooked them with some cinnamon. This was so freaking good and not terrible for you either as long as you don’t go overboard with the cinnamon. The coconut oil helps make a little bit of cinnamon go a long way as you see in the picture!
Chicken Enchiladas! So yummy! This one took a little longer but if I were to have utilized the crock pot it would have been way faster… You can pretty much use whatever ingredients you want but for these we used two chicken breasts, gluten-free nut-free tortillas (you can use any kind of tortillas you like, these are just a little bit lighter and healthier), black beans, mexicorn, chopped green onions, chopped fresh cilantro, shredded sharp cheddar cheese, chopped green chiles, one can of green chile enchilada sauce, some salsa, and the avocado cream I made the other night! We cut the chicken into small pieces and cooked it in a skillet with the green chiles and once the chicken was fully cooked we mixed it in a large bowl with the black beans, mexicorn, cilantro, and green onions. We scooped the mixture onto the tortillas and sprinkled in some cheese, rolled them all up in a glass dish, sprinkled more cheese on top, and then poured the can of enchilada sauce on top. We baked these at 400 degrees for about 15 minutes and then let them cool off for about 5 minutes. We topped them with the avocado cream and salsa and dug in! These were so good and so filling I couldn’t even finish them! I hope you guys like them!

Kewl shirt Kels

Hey guys! I had a bunch of people ask me where I got my shirt from the other night so I just wanted to post some pictures and let everyone know I got it from H&M! It’s just an oversized T-shirt that I tucked messily in my jeans. My beanie is from 17th Street Surf Shop and my other hat is from Target. My shoes are from Charlotte Russe and the jeans are from American Eagle. I hope this helps! ❤

IMG_6998hIMG_6975 IMG_6972_2 IMG_6969_2

Peanut Paradise Remake

Hey guys! I wanted to share with you this suppaa yummy smoothie/juice that I make at least once a week. So you know the peanut paradise at Tropical Smoothie? Yeah that’s my favorite one too! But it’s surprisingly pretty bad for you even if you ask for no sugar like I always do… So what I started doing is making my own at home for way cheaper and its sooo good for you! WOOPWOOP!! All you need is about 2 cups of water or almond milk, vanilla protein powder of your choice (I use the slender from protein world), one banana, 2 tbsp of almond butter, and one scoop of superfood, and as much ice as you want (more for a smoothie, less for juice). I also put glutamine in mine to replenish my muscles after working out! I hope you guys like this and let me know if you come up with any fun smoothie/juice recipes !



Okay so I finally got to see Cameron yesterday!!! Oh my gosh I missed him so much it wasn’t even funny… not to mention I had the worst butterflies while waiting for him at the airport! But at least that’s a good thing considering we have been together for almost six years… I love that I still get a little nervous every time I’m about to see him for the first time in a few days 🙂

I know, I know.. enough of the mushy crap.. haha sorry!

Sooooo, this weekend was awesome, not only did I get to see Cam, but it was one of my roomie’s birthdays! It was supppa fun! We went out downtown on Friday night and went to my new favorite place, called Parlor. If you haven’t been there and you live near Norfolk you have got to go! It’s just this super chill place with live music and dancing and stuff! Anyways.. I want to do a hair tutorial for you guys soon because I’ve had a bunch of people ask me how I did my hair this weekend! I’ve just been crazy busy so I haven’t really had much time to do one, but I promise I will try my best to get it done this week!

Here are some pictures from Friday night !

IMG_6859_2 IMG_6858_2 IMG_6857 IMG_6863 IMG_6864 IMG_6856_2 IMG_6855 IMG_6854_2 IMG_6850_2 IMG_6849_2 IMG_6844_2 IMG_6844 IMG_6842 IMG_6841_2 IMG_6834_2

random random random

Hello everyone! I know it’s been a while since I have posted anything, so today’s post is going to be a little random 🙂 Welp it’s spring break and everyone is off doing fun things and laying out on a beach and drinking fun drinks while I’m at home working and doing nothing…. But all I keep telling myself is that in a few shorts months I’ll be on my honeymoon in Australia!!! AHHH I can’t freaking wait, it’s just going to be so amazing! Cameron is planning our honeymoon and surprising me but all I know is we are going to AUS so I’m super stoked to see what he has in store for us. I’m just so ready to be some place new and warm OMG I hate the cold weather so much! But at least it has been getting nicer outside; I’ve been able to take Jasper on walks like everyday WOOP WOOP! My crazy dog has been loving it too considering his walks last like 2 seconds in the winter time haha.. Because of spring break I obvi don’t have classes so I haven’t been getting up early for the gym and just going after work and I hate it! But not going to lie, it has been super nice sleeping in a little this week! I just really don’t like having to go to the gym at like 5:30 and then not even cooking dinner until like 6:45/7… I’m just not used to eating dinner that late and I def don’t sleep as well when I workout later. I have been super sore though which I love! But anyways, I hope you all have a great rest of your week and an awesome weekend!

All about fitness

Hey guys! So today’s post is going to be pretty long but it’s all about fitness! I’ve had so many people ask me about my routine at the gym, what kind of food I eat, and what supplements I take so I figured this was the easiest way to reach out to everyone!

My current workout plan is the Lower Body Guide by Fit Affinity. You can choose any of their workout plans and they are all just as amazing! And they are almost always running specials so they end up being pretty cheap! I also love this because they are all Ebooks so I just download them on my phone and since I listen to music on my phone at the gym it’s perfect! But you could also bring an iPad or write down your workout for the day. I personally like to workout in the morning so I am usually at the gym sometime before 7AM. I know it sounds early but I’m actually used to it now and hate when I don’t get up and have to go after work at 5… First off I work 9-5 Monay-Friday then I have a 3 hour night class two times a week, 3 other online classes, and usually have to work weekends as well. On top of planning a wedding…. SO I’m pretty freaking busy making the morning my only time for the gym. But I love it because then I have started my day right and feel awake for the rest of the day. I’m never tired anymore until right before I go to bed. And I sleep so much better! Anyways…I am currently in week 8 of this program and I’m literally obsessed. I worked out really hard before the holidays and was pretty happy with my results… But, after being home for a month and eating crappy food, not working out, and drinking more than usually I went right back to where I started from. So it was pretty hard for me to get back into the swing of things so that’s why my roommate, Carley, and I decided to purchase the ebook. It got the ball rolling a lot easier and we were excited to try something new. After the first week, even into the second week, we could barely walk. It was really hard.. But we kept going and pushing ourselves and now we are over half way done with it! My results are already awesome in my opinion and I seriously can’t wait to see them in the end. We also order the Expansion Pack to start after the 12 weeks. I’ve already looked at the workouts for that and I must say I’m nervous but super stoked. It looks really hard but that’s exactly what I’m looking for. Working out has literally become an addiction now! I absolutely love it and I want everyone to feel this way! In a quick summary of what my current plan looks like: I lift 5 days a week and do cardio 2-3 days a week. My cardio consists of one spin class a week, one HIIT workout a week, and sometimes I’ll do an additional day with just running or another HIIT workout.(HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training, You can just google or pinterest that and you will find a million different workouts. But Fit Affinity gives you a few options to start out with)  I barely ever do abs because I usually don’t have time but all the lifting and types of cardio I do is still giving me great results in my core. I really encourage everyone to purchase or at least take a look at these programs! And no I am not affiliated with the company at all! I just love their workout guides!

So now onto the food! I typically eat about 5-6 times a day. Yeah I know, It’s freaking awesome! I never would have thought that once I started working out I would be able to eat more than I already did… But anyways I usually get up around 5:30 or so (depending on what time I have to be at the gym) I try and drink 8 ounces of water before even putting my feet on the floor. This just helps wake up your body. Then I either eat a banana or a protein bar with another 8 ounces of water, consisting of my first “meal” of the day. I know it’s not much but I don’t like to go to the gym on a full stomach. While at the gym I drink 1-2 bottles of water. Once I get home I make some variation of eggs and a protein and greens smoothie, consisting of my second meal. (‘ll explain what goes in my smoothies below when I talk about supplements.) A few hours later when I start feeling hungry I have another 8 ounces of water and a snack. Usually greek yogurt with granola, my third meal. Next I have my lunch which is usually just leftovers from the night before and another cup of water, which brings us to meal four. A few hours after that I have another snack which changes pretty much every day as well as, yep you guessed it, 8 ounces of water. (Gluten free pretzels, peanut butter filled pretzels, chocolate covered power fruit, one guacamole cup with pita chips, Jalapeño yogurt dip with pita chips, a banana, a protein bar, etc.) Now onto the last meal of the day, I have dinner with another glass of water. I usually always eat either chicken or turkey, but that’s because I don’t like fish, I don’t really like hamburgers either, and I can’t afford steak haha. But I typically have some form of carbs with my dinner whether it’s brown rice, quinoa, gluten free pasta, potatoes, etc. And I always have at least one veggie including: zucchini, squash, asparagus, broccoli, green beans, peppers, onions, greens for a salad, etc. Oh and I don’t really like frozen veggies so I typically just buy fresh produce and cook it myself. It also really helps that Michelle and Carley pretty much eat the same way as me because we all alternate nights to cook dinner! It’s freaking awesome! Now If I really want desert, which I usually do, I have some peanut or almond butter, chocolate covered power fruit, or my current favorite is Brownie Brittle with unsweetened almond milk. This stuff is amazing and it literally tastes just like the corners of a brownie which is my favorite part! It’s a big bag that I get from Costco and they are basically brownie chips and you can have about 5 squares (they are pretty big squares too) for only 120 calories! Not that I could calories but for those of you who do there ya go! These things are soon yummy and not bad for you! It’s a Win Win in my book!

Next on the list: Supplements

I currently have been taking Quikfix protein but I just ran out today so I am waiting on my order from Protein World! I’m so excited to try this out because all the reviews look amazing!! But I always stick with a “slim” protein which basically just means less calories, carbs, sugars, etc. So I personally think it’s better for women who just want to slim and tone as opposed to bulk up. But that’s just my opinion and I am by no means an expert so I encourage everyone to do their own research and find what’s best for you! 🙂 Okay so I told you I would explain my smoothies so here ya go.. One serving of protein powder, one serving of Super Foodz (I got it from whole foods also), one serving of Glutamine, one serving of chia seeds, some water, some form of frozen berries or banana, and sometimes one serving of either almond butter or peanut butter. Then I blend it all up and it’s so yummy and so amazing for you! I use the Super Foodz because it gives me one full serving of greens so that way I don’t have to buy spinach or kale all the freaking time! It’s like the best thing ever! I use glutamine because it just replenishes my muscles after lifting and helps so much with cutting down the soreness! Heck yes I said it! This stuff works wonders because as much as I like being sore sometimes.. I totally would hate it if I were sore every single day.. But anyways, I also take pre workout, right now I am taking Pre Elite and I absolutely love it because for one thing it doesn’t have creatine in it which is a plus for me. Personally, I don’t like creatine because it bloats me big time.. but again that’s just a personal preference and everyone is different. But I typically take pre workout every day that I lift, so I don’t take it if I’m doing cardio. So for instance, on Mondays I do a 6:15 spin class and as we are cooling down I take my pre workout then I immediately go lift upper body. But on Wednesday I have a rest day so I am only doing a HIIT workout so I don’t take pre workout at all. I also only do 4 weeks on and one week off of pre workout. But you can also just do whatever the brand you get tells you to do. I just like doing it that way. But other than that I don’t really take any other supplements, just a multivitamin everyday along with iron pills because my body needs more iron.
Well I hope this was helpful and please don’t hesitate to ask any questions!!