Kewl shirt Kels

Hey guys! I had a bunch of people ask me where I got my shirt from the other night so I just wanted to post some pictures and let everyone know I got it from H&M! It’s just an oversized T-shirt that I tucked messily in my jeans. My beanie is from 17th Street Surf Shop and my other hat is from Target. My shoes are from Charlotte Russe and the jeans are from American Eagle. I hope this helps! ❤

IMG_6998hIMG_6975 IMG_6972_2 IMG_6969_2



Okay so I finally got to see Cameron yesterday!!! Oh my gosh I missed him so much it wasn’t even funny… not to mention I had the worst butterflies while waiting for him at the airport! But at least that’s a good thing considering we have been together for almost six years… I love that I still get a little nervous every time I’m about to see him for the first time in a few days 🙂

I know, I know.. enough of the mushy crap.. haha sorry!

Sooooo, this weekend was awesome, not only did I get to see Cam, but it was one of my roomie’s birthdays! It was supppa fun! We went out downtown on Friday night and went to my new favorite place, called Parlor. If you haven’t been there and you live near Norfolk you have got to go! It’s just this super chill place with live music and dancing and stuff! Anyways.. I want to do a hair tutorial for you guys soon because I’ve had a bunch of people ask me how I did my hair this weekend! I’ve just been crazy busy so I haven’t really had much time to do one, but I promise I will try my best to get it done this week!

Here are some pictures from Friday night !

IMG_6859_2 IMG_6858_2 IMG_6857 IMG_6863 IMG_6864 IMG_6856_2 IMG_6855 IMG_6854_2 IMG_6850_2 IMG_6849_2 IMG_6844_2 IMG_6844 IMG_6842 IMG_6841_2 IMG_6834_2

This weekend was amazing!

I make the kiss face a lot lol…
I always have red eye ugh…
Our house is so disgusting… hence the hole in the floor…

IMG_6609 IMG_6607 IMG_6604 IMG_6596   IMG_6589 IMG_6587 IMG_6586 IMG_6584 IMG_6600 IMG_6580

What a wonderful weekend I had! Friday night was so much fun going out with Cameron, Michelle, and her boyfriend, Taylor. We went to a few different places and just had a blast hanging out together. Butttt… I definitely wish Michelle and I could have danced more because there is nothing we love to do more!

Saturday Cameron and I payed our deposit for the wedding cake YAY!! We decided to do cupcakes instead of one giant cake so it is just gunna look soon cute! I can’t wait to see it (: We went to  Carolina Cupcakery and couldn’t have been happier with our experience! The girls there were just so amazing and had so much passion for what they are doing. We also started looking at ideas for invitations! EEEKK! I can’t believe the wedding is in just 6 months! It is going to go by so fast omg!

Church on Sunday was amazing, I wish I didn’t have to do nursery this week haha. Don’t get me wrong I love the babies and all but I just love being in the service!

I guess I should warn you that you will come to realize really soon (if you haven’t already) that I tend to jump from subject to subject… I’m not really a “one topic” kinda girl… But hey, it keeps things interesting!

Oh and YAY! I finally got to lift upper body again yesterday! It was my first time in a week and it felt amazing! I definitely didn’t expect to feel that good after just one week of resting my shoulder but that’s all I needed! And I was surprised but so happy to see that I didn’t have to go down in weights! WOOPWOOP! I also took a transformation picture that you can see in my latest instagram post! The Fit Affinity program is seriously amazing and I am only on week 7! I still have a long ways to go because I bought the 12 week lower body guide and the expansion pack for weeks 13-24! I’m seriously so stoked to see my end results though!