The stomach bug blows…

Hi everyone! It’s been forever since I posted last but that because I had a miserable stomach bug last week and was out for 3 days… It was horrible! I couldn’t eat or drink for almost two days and actually ended up in the ER on Wednesday because it was so bad ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I know poor me lol… But I finally started feeling back to normal on Sunday but decided to take it easy on Monday so I just got back to the gym today. And boy did it feel amazing! I went an entire week without going, and if you know me, that is way too long to handle… I felt like I was going insane just laying around. It’s weird because when I’m not sick and have so much to do all I want to do is watch netflix but when I am sick and forced to rest I HATE IT! I just get way too bored and antsy, I really don’t understand it lol. But anyways I didn’t eat the healthiest food over the weekend because I had no energy to cook and it was way easier to just eat whatever was around so yesterday I made it a point to refuel my body with great food. I made this super yummy and easy salad for lunch that I posted bellow, and it filled me up for hours! I used quinoa salad (basically just like pasta salad), two large handfuls of mixed greens, and a handful of seedless red grapes. The quinoa salad consisted of cooked quinoa, cherry tomatoes, diced red onions, feta cheese, black olives, and oil and vinegar.. Easy right?? And it was seriously so good and it super healthy. Luckily the dad I nanny for had made it the other day and he told me how to make it! But because I used the quinoa salad I didn’t need any extra dressing, which is awesome for me because I LOVE ranch haha. For a healthy afternoon snack I cut up an apple and dipped it in peanut butter, which is one of my all-time favorite snacks because its so good and healthy. And did you know that apples actually give you more energy than coffee? So if you are ever feeling a little tired and don’t want to have anymore caffeine, or if you just don’t like coffee, apples are a great way to get natural energy! Well, I hope you guys enjoyed this post and pleas let me know if you try out the salad!

I had a bowl of balsamic vinaigrette on the side, but didn’t end up needing any because the quinoa salad added just enough flavor.



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Hi guys! My name is Kelsey and this is my first time blogging and I couldn't be more excited! I am 21 years young, a soon to be Old Dominion University Grad, and engaged to my best friend. I also have the craziest puppy ever, Hendrix, but I love him and all of his psychoness! Anyways, I have always had a love for all things hair and fashion, so this is my way of sharing what I love, as well as my life with you guys! I hope y'all enjoy it! (:

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