well it snowed again unfortunately…. I just want warm weather! Ugh is that too much to ask!? But last night was fun. My roomies and our boys made the best of it and had a little fun at the house. Of course I lost beeping everytime…. But hey I just really suck at that game haha. Anyways today is a great day for Netflix so thankfully the baby is sleeping! Oh yeah I guess I should tell you guys I’m a full time nanny for a 2 month old baby boy named Jasper. He’s the cutest thing ever! Anyways… I’m watching this series called Hart of Dixie and it’s really good you guys should watch it!! But after laying around all day I’m definitely going to need to go to the gym afterwards 💪 I can’t wait to see what today’s workout is! 

Yummy this was the dinner I made the other night!

and this is Jasper! We went on a walk yesterday so of course I put him in his bear suit to stay nice and cozy!


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Hi guys! My name is Kelsey and this is my first time blogging and I couldn't be more excited! I am 21 years young, a soon to be Old Dominion University Grad, and engaged to my best friend. I also have the craziest puppy ever, Hendrix, but I love him and all of his psychoness! Anyways, I have always had a love for all things hair and fashion, so this is my way of sharing what I love, as well as my life with you guys! I hope y'all enjoy it! (:

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