Poor Me

Ugh! So on Sunday I hurt my shoulder pretty bad at the gym, so I haven’t really been able to work out as hard as normal. But that’s not going to stop me! Although I wasn’t able to do much upper body, I still made it a point to workout everything else. On Monday I did cardio but had to cut it short to go pick up my fiancé…. but it was an excuse to see him more this week so i don’t mind (: (6 months until were married and living together!!!) anyways on Tuesday despite the snow storm I made it to the gym and was able to do a pretty decent leg workout (praise the jesus), Wednesday I went to the gym with my best friend, Michelle (FYI: y’all will hear a lot about her in future posts!), and we did a pretty awesome HIIT Workout that I put together. Yesterday I didn’t really have time to go to the gym before or after work so I did a 25 minute Pilates workout that i found on youtube! It was actually really great and it helped stretch out my shoulder! woohoo! And once again today I didn’t have time for the gym before work so I did another quick 25 minute full body workout that was great! Thankfully tomorrow I will have time to go to the gym and I can finally lift again YAY!!

Here is the link to the work out I did today!

Here is the link to the work out I did yesterday!


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Hi guys! My name is Kelsey and this is my first time blogging and I couldn't be more excited! I am 21 years young, a soon to be Old Dominion University Grad, and engaged to my best friend. I also have the craziest puppy ever, Hendrix, but I love him and all of his psychoness! Anyways, I have always had a love for all things hair and fashion, so this is my way of sharing what I love, as well as my life with you guys! I hope y'all enjoy it! (:

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